Covering waste to prevent blown litter, without losing valuable commercial space.

COVERPAPr – The regular-use film-forming covering

Regulations oblige operators of non-hazardous waste storage installations (ISDND) to regularly cover wastes deposited at the end of each week, using soil, ashes or tarpaulins.

BERNATOM innovates and proposes the regular-use covering COVERPAP, applied using a Pichon cannon sprayer or a motor pump equipped with hoses. The covering prevents any blown litter, reduces olfactory nuisance and decreases the risk of fire.

COVERPAP leads to immediate savings.

Advantages of our concept:

  • No need for additional soil
  • Savings of excavation voids – commercial space preserved


This covering prevents blown litter, reduces bad smells and settles dust.

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icone_poids  COVERPAP N technical information sheet to download


This covering prevents blown litter, reduces bad smells and acts as a surface fire retardant. Product validated by the European Safety Centre (Pôle Européen de Sécurité CNPP) in Vernon.


icone_poids  COVERPAP PLUS technical information sheet to download

Application of COVERPAP covering with a Pichon cannon sprayer in 5 steps

Application of COVERPAP covering using a fire hose

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